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I had the distinct pleasure of working with a world class Realtor named Gloria Silveyra Shepard. I have lived all over the United States and have bought and sold 10 homes. In those moves, I’ve been blessed to work with some outstanding real estate professionals. But none of them can rank with Gloria and her team of experts. She stands out because of her professionalism, preparation, and poise.

Gloria is a Pro’s Pro. She garnered my wife’s confidence very quickly by being knowledgeable, candid, well informed, confident, and fun to deal with. She was direct about what we needed to do to sell the home but took care of all the hard work involved with that process. From the first appointment to the closing, Gloria was always a little better than promised. She surprised us on the upside several times and never came close to disappointing us. She earned our trust, respect, and admiration.

I’m amazed at how prepared Gloria was when it came to selling our home. She had qualified buyers looking at our home before it was listed. She knew the market cold. The marketing materials she prepared were first class. My wife is a professional photographer and is highly regarded. We were amazed at the quality of the photos and marketing materials that Gloria’s team put together. She knew our market, she brought qualified buyers to the table, and she knew what it would take to sell the home quickly. It was priced in a tight range and ended up selling very quickly which was a relief and pleasant surprise.

Gloria showed tremendous poise every time a tough issue came up. At critical junctures she knew exactly what to do. Whether it was providing fabulous craftsmen to fix up our home, having all paperwork streamlined online, or easing emotions at sensitive times. On top of that, she had a great closing agent come to our home to consummate the deal. It was the easiest and most convenient business transaction of my life.

We’ve lived in Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Massachusetts, Washington DC, and San Diego. And we have seen the good and the bad of the real estate market and the professionals that serve that industry. Gloria Silveyra-Shepard stands head and shoulders above the best people we have worked with. As I told her many times, she is simply the best. She earned our trust with professionalism, preparation, and poise!

John D. Simmons