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Water towers. Fire stations. Enterprising designers and ambitious visionaries can make luxurious homes in the most unique spaces. Whether you’re passing by a schoolhouse conversion or a warehouse retrofit, it can be worth the time to take a flight of fancy: what would it be like to live there? We’ve set ourselves the task of answering this question with our latest quiz. Click through to find out which kind of building-turned-home suits you best, and let your daydreaming extend into an exploratory ramble down the path of creative conversions.

This Quiz Will Tell You Your Ideal Home Conversion


Some houses weren’t always homes. As eco-conscious luxury homebuyers look to repurpose existing materials and urbanites search outside the box for dwellings in the city, creative uses of equipment and spaces have proliferated. And as organizations and institutions move into more modern buildings, there are many beautifully crafted, longstanding constructions left behind. Innovative, alternative types of homes are appearing on the market, expanding the horizons of what imaginative luxury living can look like. Would you take up residence in a renovated schoolhouse? Contemplate the view from a retired fire station? Take our quiz to find out which fresh take on traditional structures suits you best.

Shipping Container


Building a home from a shipping container has become a classic conversion—albeit, a very contemporary classic. The straight lines of shipping containers carry over to give homes a dash of modernism, as does the industrial design of the container itself. For those who like to start within artistic constraint, there’s a layer of prefabricated convenience to these homes, thanks to a structure that has already been purpose-built. While many homebuyers look to shipping containers for small footprints and simple living, that doesn’t always have to be the case: there are some magnificent addresses that repurpose these sturdy materials in stunning yet sustainable milieus. Shipping container homes are redefining traditional notions of luxury while honoring them at the same time.

Fire Station


To make a home in a former fire station is to own a piece of local heritage. These structures were built to be pillars of the community, and classic fire stations are often situated in the heart of town or at strategic lookout points. As private residences, fire stations boast large windows perfectly suited to bring light to personal offices and creative studios, and their central locations put the best of urban living within reach. Another trademark feature is a grand entryway, which in the past had to be big enough to accommodate a full-size engine. Their traditional brick exteriors add plenty of appeal for new residents—a perfect blend of heroism and history.



Country estates often comprise a farmhouse or ranch, but for a rural paradise that looks and feels completely authentic, there’s nothing better than a luxury barn conversion. Soaring beams, open-concept spaces, and sweeping lofts offer an experience like no other, and strategic renovations can turn an industrial space into a welcoming retreat. Not to mention, these properties are typically set on spectacular lots with mature trees and a pristine landscape—ideal for those who love the outdoors.



What better way to embrace lifelong education than by creating your new home out of an old schoolhouse? As larger, better-equipped spaces are being built for the students of today, these treasures of yesteryear are just waiting for a luxury renovation. The exterior structures still evoke a love of education, while the interiors are easily remodeled into cozy bedrooms, relaxing bathrooms, and living quarters that exude character and charm. Since they were meant for many classes with many children, schoolhouse conversions tend to make spacious and comfortable homes—though occasionally, a classic one-room schoolhouse comes onto the market, often as part of a larger property, as a rare and fascinating find.



Fabulous woodwork and stonework, stained-glass windows, traditional steeples: these unique features are usually limited to churches, unless the church in question is converted into a luxury home. To live in one of these artifacts is a dream come true for anyone who loves art, culture, and history. Design enthusiasts will be enamored with the details of the building, from the cornices often found on external walls and windows, to the crown moldings, archways, and iconography dotted throughout the halls. Set in country woodlands, suburban fields, and downtown cores, church conversions are one-of-a-kind sanctuaries that feel right at home anywhere, and are highly sought after by discerning buyers looking to bring timelessness and novelty together in one perfect home.

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Inspired by your ideal conversion? Find out what kind of traditional home suits you best in our luxury dwelling quiz.

Quiz: Which Home Conversion Suits Your Style 2

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